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Empowering Children Through Christ

In 2021, a few of the moms and members of Fulton Community Church started having discussions of homeschooling their children together at the church. We started feeling a strong sense that God was leading us to take a stronger role in leading our children's education as well as building them on a solid foundation in Christ. The word quickly spread and other families were asking how they could get their children involved in this school. We soon realized that God had given us a great opportunity, and with the blessing of our Pastor to use the facility of Fulton Community Church, we were well on our way to seeing this vision of our children thriving in a loving, safe, & nurturing environment come to pass. With a leap of faith and the leading of the Holy Spirit, we decided to launch a school at our church in September of 2022 to provide our children and other families with an opportunity to have a positive and faith filled alternative to public schools. We are confident that God is going to use this school to equip children with not only a quality education, but allow them to thrive in life through building their relationship with Jesus Christ and learning to apply their faith. We chose to empower our children and set them up for a life of success God's way. Will you do the same? 


"This is bigger than ourselves."

We see a generation of children rising up to be the leaders of tomorrow. No longer will our children be tossed aside and influenced by the world around them to live in the status quo. At Strong Tower Academy, we will raise up strong, bold, faith filled leaders who are equipped to take on any of life's challenges. Children who know God is on their side and that nothing is impossible to those who believe. 

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